We took a little field trip to the Clinton Fire Department to get a look inside. We also got to check out all the fire trucks and emergency vehicles.

First of all, a big thank you to 2nd Assistant Chief Jim Scoones of the Clinton Fire Department for taking time out of his day to show us around. We got to see inside the firehouse, get a closeup look at all their emergency vehicles, tankers, and of course the fire trucks. Scoones even brought out the big guy... The ladder truck, which is absolutely HUGE. You can see just how massive it is in the video (at the top of this page).

The first vehicle we looked at was their "Rescue 1" which is mainly for their medical calls. The Clinton Fire Department averages about 600 medical calls a year (which means this truck gets a lot of use). Actually, medical emergencies account for more than half of all calls involving the fire department.

Then we looked at "Engine 3," which takes care of the more heavy rescues. It has the "jaws of life," and other important tools needed for car accidents, and other serious emergencies. And it's pretty cool how everything is organized in the truck. Everything slides out for easy access, which saves a lot of time when there's an emergency.

From there, we checked out "Engine 2," which is their main engine. This one goes out on all their calls and all the automatic alarms. The tanker was parked behind "Engine 2." The tanker holds water for when they're in rural areas and there isn't fire hydrants available.

And then we headed to their other location to see the rest of the vehicles, which included the ladder truck. And that truck is MASSIVE. It was unbelievable standing next to it. Again, you can see just how big it is in the video (at the top of this page).

Thanks again to Jim Scoones for showing us around the Clinton Fire Department, and teaching us about all the trucks and emergency vehicles they use. It definitely was an eye-opening experience.





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