WalletHub's new study of 2019's Healthiest & Unhealthiest Cities brings good news for the Empire State.

In order to arrive at its findings, the financial services website used 42 key indicators of good health like the "cost of medical visits to fitness clubs per capita." Over 170 of the country's most populous cities received grades in areas such as Food, Fitness and Green Space, then were assigned overall scores. New York City was among the top 10 healthiest, and other New York cities also performed well.

New York City finished 6th overall and #2 in Food, which accounted for health food restaurants per capita and fruit and vegetable consumption. The high costs of health care took a major bite out of the Big Apple's overall score.

Rochester was 55th overall, Yonkers was 59th and Buffalo was 91st.

The unhealthiest cities were mostly located in the south, and scattered across Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas.

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