Wow, what a feeling! The 1983 movie ‘Flashdance’ – about a steel welder turned stripper turned ballet dancer – will soon be a Broadway musical from the creators of ‘Jersey Boys.’

‘Flashdance: The Musical’ will debut in August, 2013 on Broadway and will include modern interpretations of the film’s classic soundtrack, which includes the Oscar-winning hit “What a Feeling” plus 80s staples like “Maniac” and “Gloria” (the latter of which was featured in the movie but not on the actual soundtrack).

Producers haven’t cast a lead yet to replace Jennifer Beals (can you replace Jennifer Beals?) but are looking to find an unknown instead of an established talent.

Though it’s fondly remembered now, ‘Flashdance’ was not a critical success when it was originally released. Roger Ebert added it to his list of his “most hated” films and said it’s basically a series of music videos edited together (something the producers were not ashamed to admit was an inspiration for the film).

(One last bit of ‘Flashdance’ trivia: “Maniac” was actually written for the 1980 horror film ‘Maniac’ about a serial killer, but when it wasn’t used, the lyrics were changed slightly to re-use it for ‘Flashdance.’)

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