So far in 2022, Netflix has released more than 50 original movies — an average of about three new features every single week. And yet if you peruse the company’s data website, where you can see the top ten movies and shows in every single country around the world where Netflix is offered, you’ll see that despite all those new titles made expressly for the company and its customers, the most popular movies on Netflix right now by and large aren’t originals.

Last week, for example, out of the top ten movies on Netflix in the United States, just one was made by Netflix; the Spanish-language comedy Honeymoon With My Mother. The rest are all older films made by the traditional Hollywood studios. Interestingly, in many cases they’re movies that were outright box-office flops in theaters the first time around. For some reason, these titles are now finding big audiences on Netflix.

See for yourself. Below are ten flops (if not full-blown bombs) that are currently popular around the world on Netflix according to the company’s own website. In some cases, I speculate on the potential reasons why audiences are drawn to these titles right now. In other cases, I’m totally baffled. All I know for sure is that the good people of Iceland can’t get enough Jeff Bridges fantasy films.

Flops That Are Now Inexplicable Hits on Netflix

These movies flopped hard in theaters. But Netflix subscribers can’t stop watching them.

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