We've been hearing all about self-driving cars lately, but a recent study completed by Swiss bank UBS says that airlines could save billions of dollars by switching to pilotless planes.

Analysts from the bank told CNBC.com that those savings could be significant:

In terms of material economic benefits, analysts from the bank stated that there could be a material profit opportunity of more than $35 billion per year for the aerospace and aviation industry.

There is one teeny-tiny problem: only 17 percent of people say they would willing to fly in a plane with no pilot.

Does this mean that flight attendants will have to be trained to kinda fly the plane in an emergency? Could planes really take off from Syracuse or Rome with no pilot?

In a car with no driver, at least you're there to take over if something goes wrong. In a plane with no pilot? Is there a YouTube video for that?

All I know is that everytime I use the self-check out registers at the grocery stores, something doesn't work correctly. I will definitely not be trying out a self-flying 747.

On the other hand, would these massive savings translate to lower ticket prices for consumers? Maybe that bucket-list trip to Europe wouldn't be out of the budget.

What do you think? Would you be willing to get on a plane with no pilot? Do you trust a computer that much?




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