Seems like we hear more and more about foods being recalled.  Peanut butter is the latest.   What can shoppers do to prevent foodborne illness?  

Bill Marler is an attorney and advocate for food safety.  He shared some food safety tips with CNN and also some foods he simply will never, ever eat.

He urges consumers to think of eating as a contact sport.  Make sure you keep cold foods cold and hot foods hot.  It sounds simple but is very important.  Always wash your produce well and cook your meat hotter.  Never believe a product that claims to safer or better for you than some other food because it usually means they're hiding something.  Don't hesitate to wash your hands and wipe down the cart at the grocery store.  Be aware of possible cross-contamination in your kitchen.  Use the plastic bags in the store as a way to keep foods seperate.  If you're dining out, check the safety record of the restaurant you'll be going to.  If the food isn't properly prepared, don't be afraid to send it back.  What foods does Marler refuse to eat?  Any kind of ground meat, bagged leafy green food, any food that is processed too much, raw milk, sprouts and unpasturized milk.