This old house will definitely need work, but for only $5,000 you could bring it back to its former luster.

This house is definitely not the prettiest. It probably won't be all too cheap to fix either. But, there is just something about an old house. In the case of this one, it is just screaming for someone to buy it and fix it up. You can tell that is what it is screaming by the asking price.

Rarely in today's housing market can you find a house for $5,000, and yes it isn't move-in ready. Once you fix it up though, this house easily could be one of the best looking in its area. Old homes like this have so much charm, and that sure is noticeable through the pictures below from the Greater Syracuse Land Bank. The pictures show touches and features from yesteryear that easily could be salvaged during the restoration of the home.

Another massive positive aspect of this house, pun intended, is its size. It's gigantic when you compare it to many homes sitting for 40 times the price. It sits in the Brighton district of Syracuse on the south side of town. A good location if you were looking to fix it up and rent to multiple people with how close it sits to Syracuse University.

Could this old home on McAllister Ave be a future home for you or a future project? It wouldn't be a bad time to snatch up this soon-to-be beauty for a measly $5,000.

Here Is What $5,000 Can Buy You For A Home In Syracuse

Keep an open mind, and imagine the potential when it is fixed up.

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This home has a staggering sale price, don't get us wrong. But it is the kind of sale price that seems worth it if you had the cash. Look at everything you're getting for $45,000,000. From an infinity pool to nearly all-glass walls inside. Those glass walls offer you picturesque views any way you choose to turn.

On one side, you'll peer out over the Hudson River, and across you'll see the Catskill mountains. If you take a gander out the other side of the home you get a wooded vibe and you may never know you were perched on the Hudson River.

Take a look through the 29 pictures below showing what true elegance looks like for a home in New York State.

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You're getting a lot here for $160,000 too, 1200 plus square feet that bring you 3 bedrooms and a solo bath.

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