There are a lot of factors that can and do affect each year's apple crop in upstate New York.  How early or late was spring and how much rain fell during the season will certainly determine the size of the crop, and even the taste of the apples.

The president of the New York Apple Association predicts the 2016 crop will be smaller and more scarce.  He also tells the Post Standard that the crop may be more scare in some areas of Central New York.

Jim Allen says that a late frost this spring caused many apple growers to lose a percentage of their crop.  Later, drought conditions in some parts of the region will cause the apples to be smaller in size.

How about the taste?  It's predicted the apples will be crunchy and sweet this time around.  Allen says the sweet cider this year will be especially sweet.

New York is the nation's second leading apple producer.  Washington state leads the country in apple quantity.

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