Nearly everyone has heard the famous and fabulous song The Christmas Song-- which is often known as the "Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire" song first made famous by Nat King Cole.  According to Good Ole Wikipedia, The Christmas Song "was originally subtitled, "Merry Christmas to You". It is a classic Christmas song written in 1945 by Robert Wells and Mel Tormé. And every time it plays I think-- roasted chestnuts sounds delicious. Where would I find some chestnuts to roast on an open fire? You?

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The catch to this deliciousness pondering is that Chestnut trees are an endangered species.


According to Edible Finger Lakes,

"The chestnut tree was once a major force of forestry in the food shed not only in New York, but most of the eastern U.S. In the 1940s, a blight wiped out the crop and crushed what was a major contributor to the economy and diet of both humans and animals—not to mention the wood industry for the prized lumber of the trees. Most chestnuts we eat now are imported from China and other Asian countries. We do bring in chestnuts from Europe too but the high price usually wards off most consumers."

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There's even an American Chestnut Research and Restoration Project

Courtesy of SUNY ESF
Courtesy of SUNY ESF

The mission of the American Chestnut Research and Restoration Project at the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF) is to conduct basic and applied research that will lead to the development of a blight-tolerant American chestnut tree (Castanea dentata). Our goal is to reintroduce a population of these tolerant trees back into forest ecosystems of the eastern United States.

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So. Where Does One Find Chestnuts to Roast on an Open Fire?


My sources say foraging is an option. Places like have fresh chestnuts for sale. A 5lb bag will set you back nearly $70.

Also, a quick google search will share tons of options for finding pre-roasted and packaged chestnut for purchase that are reasonably priced. But--that takes all the fun out of the roasting on an open fire part of this delicious adventure.

Of course, if you live close to or have plans to visit Manhattan, roasted chestnuts are a winter staple in the city.

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