Roses are just so yesterday. Now you can wow your significant other with a bouquet of carbohydrates instead.

Olive Gardens in Central New York are giving you the chance to be a little creative when it comes to Valentine's Day this year. Instead of going with the traditional dozen roses, you can order up some of their bread sticks and then download your own wrapper to make the breadsticks into a bouquet. Yes, you get extra points for the DIY portion.

Of course, if you just want to do the whole dinner thing for Valentine's Day - Olive Garden has some specials you can order to go, here.

If you want to pick up the breadsticks, you just have to download the templates here. Of course, breadsticks are sold desperately.

Of course, don't forget you can also get a candy bouquet too - check out the details on that: Walmart Candy Bouquets.

Olive Garden is located in New Hartford on Commercial Drive, and throughout Syracuse.


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