Forget the beef and Grandma's baked beans. Where's the Heidelberg bread?

Store shelves have been missing the Central New York baked bread lately. Where'd it go? Distribution issues are to blame, according to a message on the company's website.

Sadly our distributor, Koffee Kup, has abruptly closed.

The unexpected distributor closure is causing delivery issues throughout the entire Northeast, but the company says they are hoping to fix the problem soon. "Please be reassured that we are diligently working on alternative distribution and hope to be up and running again in the next two to three weeks."

Credit- Heidelberg Bread via Facebook
Credit- Heidelberg Bread via Facebook

Still Baking Bread

Bread is still being made and you can still order your favorite in the online bread store at if you can't find it on store shelves.

Heidelberg has been making bread since 1983 using ingredients you can actually pronounce - flour, water, salt, and yeast. The stone-ground unbleached white flour is even from locally grown wheat.

Our fresh, all-natural, artisan breads are made from sustainably sourced ingredients baked under Orthodox Union kosher standards that have an old-world taste and are sold at an affordable price.

You won't find any chemicals, additives, or preservatives in a loaf of Heidelberg bread. You will find a slice of tasty heaven in every bite. All reasons why we only buy the Multi-Grain option every time we shop.

Credit- Heidelberg Bread
Credit- Heidelberg Bread

Grandma's Baked Bean Shortage

Where's the beans? That's the question every lover of Grandma Brown's has been asking for what seems like forever.

Grandma Brown's baked beans have been missing from Central New York store shelves for months and everyone is going through withdrawal. So, we called to find out how much longer we'll have to wait and were told they get 20 to 25 calls coming into the factory in Mexico, New York every day asking the same thing.

Grandma Brown's granddaughter said they expected to be up and running back in January. It's now almost May and the production is still at a standstill. So, what's the holdup? Finding the right people to fill vacant positions and they have two more to go before the baking can begin again.

Interested? Call the plant at 315-963-7221 for more details on the job openings.

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