Syracuse native Delvon Worthy will be a contestant on “Wheel of Fortune” this Friday, February 5th and the experience had him reminiscing on his childhood.

According to, Worthy said he’s been a longtime fan of the game show and his father, Rev. William Howard Worthy, Jr., watched “Wheel of Fortune” every night until he passed away. He couldn't stop thinking about his father while he was playing the game.

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“My dad would have been excited to know about me being on the show, so this will be a special moment,” Worthy said.

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Worthy, 34, is a Henninger High School graduate who now lives in Southern California. His mother still lives in Syracuse.

In a phone interview, he said he tried to prepare a game strategy ahead of time but it quickly went out the window because so much of the game relies on the luck of the wheel and how the puzzles go.

Worthy said he hopes to use any cash winnings towards buying his first home with his wife Elisabeth.

Many wonder how game shows continue to film during the pandemic. The game is still the same, the stage is still the same; there are no drastic alterations like giant plastic dividers between players. Worthy said filming also featured Covid-19 precautions like distancing, and a protective covering so contestants wouldn’t all touch the same surfaces on the wheel.

His episode of Wheel of Fortune airs on WKTV News Channel 2 this Friday night at 7 pm on the episode tilted "American Cities."

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