One bird flew into a local resident of Utica's backyard, and she's trying to find the owner. Are you missing a bird?

Cassie Marie posted the following on Facebook:

This bird flew into my back yard by Utica University last night. It is definitely someone’s pet. Please help me locate the owners.

Do you know the owners? You can reach her on Facebook here. Here's some photos:

Cassie Marie
Cassie Marie

What Type Of Bird?

The bird appears to be a Jandaya parakeet according to the Merlin ID app from Cornell Lab of Ornithology:

"The Jenday is a playful cuddler and a superb family pet, able to bond with everyone in the house. This is a trusting bird, intelligent enough to learn simple tricks, and it can learn to talk, though it isn't known as a highly proficient talker. The best attribute this bird has is its intense affection for its owners."

These small parrots can often learn to mimic sounds including words and even phrases. How cool is that?

Jenday conures are available in some large pet stores, as well as from avian specialty stores and through bird breeders. They are also often available for adoption from avian rescue and adoption organizations. These birds can live up to 30 years, making them almost lifelong companions.

Help Find The Owners

Do you know the owners? You can reach her on Facebook here. It would be nice for this little baby to reunite with it's owner. You don't naturally find them in the trees of Utica New York.

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