The location-based app Foursquare now is giving your the ability to visually see all of your check-ins with a new feature called Time Machine.

Logging on to your foursquare account and visiting will bring up a history of your check-ins. Then the Time Machine will play a visual representation of all of your check-ins starting with your very first one.

I watched a run through of my 5228 check-ins over the last 3 years. Below is a visual representation of all of those check-ins.

Here's what foursquare said on their blog today:

With 4 billion check-ins on Foursquare, we love exploring new ways tovisualize all the places people go around the world, and the connections they’re making between them. Now, you can re-live each and everyone of your check-ins, and have your own beautiful visualization to share with the new Foursquare Time Machine.

  • Zoom through time and space as you visualize all your check-ins
  • Discover all the places you should head to next
  • Save and share pretty infographics of all your stats