The fight to control the Internet is now between those who want control, and those who say that no one should control it.

In a show of unity for "net neutrality," many large websites are participating in Internet Slowdown Day.

What that means for the average person is that when certain sites are accessed today a "loading" symbol will be shown to illustrate what may happen if net neutrality is not protected.

Net neutrality is defined as the principle that the Internet - and access to it - should remain free and unfettered.  Many First Amendment advocates say that the Internet symbolizes the truest form of free speech, and the flow of information on the 'net should not be controlled, or filtered, by a third party.  New rules would allow Internet Service Providers to charge a fee to those who put information up on the 'net.  Those who do not pay a fee, or non-subscribers, would not have their information travel as fast.

More simply, content would be prioritized by the highest bidder.  And that, companies participating in Internet Slowdown Day say, is wrong.

Which companies are participating?  The list includes Netflix, Vimeo, Etsy, Reddit, Kickstarter, Fark, Foursquare, Mozilla, Meetup and hundreds of others.





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