Get ready to get free delivery from Chipotle for a limited time. It's all part of their celebration of "Bowl Season."Chipotle is offering free delivery to celebrate College Football Bowl Season. According to, The offer gets you free delivery from Chipotle for orders over ten dollars. It runs from December 20 through January 6, 2020.

So you can enjoy your favorite bowl during bowl season and get it delivered right to your couch for free. There is a minimum of $10 and it excludes catering. There's a second part to this delivery deal from Chipotle. They will also be reimbursing some lucky Chipotle fans for other items they paid delivery for.

All you have to do is reply to Chipotle's tweet and use the (hashtag) #ChipotleFreeDelivery then include a picture of your receipt of whatever you bought that cost you a delivery fee. It could be a video game, a mattress, clothes, or anything that you paid a delivery fee for. Make sure you include your Venmo handle and you may be chosen to get your fee reimbursed.

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