It's almost fair time and there are lots to see and do. From free food and drink samples to 25-cent milk, including strawberry, it's all at the New York State Fair this year.

Taste NY

Taste the best New York has to offer inside the Taste NY market. Buy and sample homegrown and homemade New York food and beverage products from across the State. More than 100 unique food and craft beverages will be available.

Credit - NYS FAIR
Credit - NYS FAIR

“From salt potatoes to spiedies, to Utica Greens, craft beer, cider, wine, spirits, and so much more, our state is known for producing wonderful food and beverage options," said Interim State Fair Director Sean Hennesey. "Taste NY provides opportunities for farmers, and food and craft beverage producers to showcase their products, and introduce fairgoers to new flavors and favorites.”

Featured vendors sampling products at the Taste NY Marketplace will change daily throughout the Fair’s 13-day run.

See all the Taste NY vendors at NYSfair.NY.Gov.

Got Milk

Not only is the .25 cent milk back at the NYS Fair this year but so is the strawberry. Cold white and chocolate milk will be on tap every day during the Fair, except for the last three days. That’s when white milk will be swapped out for strawberry milk.

Strawberry Milk was served during the 2021 Fair after a lengthy hiatus and will be back by popular demand for 2022. Strawberry Milk will be poured starting Saturday, September 3 through Labor Day, Monday, September 5.

Credit - NYS Fair
Credit - NYS Fair

“The New York State Milk Bar continues to be one of the most affordable food finds at the Great New York State Fair. A family of four – or a group of four friends - can enjoy four glasses for just $1. How can you beat that?” said Hennessey. “And, thanks to the important work of our friends at Cornell Cooperative Extension, when fairgoers enjoy cups of milk, they’re also supporting future farmers and food industry leaders.”

The New York State Fair runs from Wednesday, August 24 through Monday, September 5.

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