For most of us, when we reach the Boilermaker finish line on the second Sunday in July, we're feeling anything but relaxed. Sweaty and exhausted, yes. On Tuesday evenings during the summer, you can have a totally different experience there: yoga.

For the safety of the participants, the yoga doesn't take place right at the Boilermaker finish. Instead, the hour-long class is a few steps away in the Boilermaker garden, next to the race's headquarters.

The small garden feels like an oasis in the middle of the city. During the class, you're still surrounded by the sounds of the city: a fire truck screams by in the distance, dogs are barking and children are playing and shouting - and yet, the breeze through the trees and the smell of the herbs growing in the garden are very soothing.

Boilermaker Yoga
Credit: Beth Coombs/TSM

Beth had an opportunity to try a class - taught by none other than Jill Hayes of New York Sash Windows. It was a relaxing experience and really opened Beth's eyes to everything Utica has to offer. "It's like a little jewel in the midst of our city", Beth says.

The class is open to anyone and is completely free. People of all yoga abilities, all shapes and sizes, young and old, are welcome.

After the class, be sure to check out the small public market that takes place on Tuesdays as well. Let's be honest, grabbing some fresh veggies on the way home from yoga really makes you feel like you're taking good care of yourself. Even if you do stop for some french fries later. 

Yoga in the Boilermaker Garden is one of those unique types of events that you think only happens in a bigger city. It's happening right in your neighborhood. Give it a try - Tuesday nights at 5 pm - rain or shine, during the summer. Check out the Boilermaker Public Market's Facebook page for all the details on upcoming classes and events.



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