Somehow each and every year, I get suckered into exploring haunted attractions during Halloween season. I am a person who would much rather carve pumpkins, watch Hocus Pocus and eat candy. My friends are not.

If you're like my friends and you're looking for a very impressive series of haunted houses, there's a spot in Syracuse that is technically five-in-one, and it was actually deemed one of The Best 20 Haunted Attractions in the Northeast by USA Today.

Fright Nights is back in Syracuse for the month of October. Beginning September 30, the 82,000 square foot factory near Carrier Circle features five awesome, insanely spooky experiences. And apparently new this year, a clown cage match will be held. Sounds absolutely horrible if you hate clowns, but awesome if you enjoy how horrifying they can be.

These Five Fright Night Attractions Will Definitely Freak You Out

Fright Nights is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the month of October. You can find the factory at 1 Lepage Place, Syracuse NY. Here's a look at the different attractions they have to offer.

Tickets for Fright Nights are on sale now for $30 a piece, and you get access to all of five attractions. The website makes you pick a designated time slot for your arrival. From there, workers with Fright Nights will guide you through each of the attractions listed above.

Although I'm not normally someone who liked being spooked, I was in awe of the animatronics and the effort that went into making the experience memorable. You can definitely tell that there's a lot of money being invested into making it a night you will never forget (or if you're like me, it'll make you not be able to sleep for a while.)

What's your favorite spooky thing to do in Central New York during the season of fall/around Halloween time? Let us know inside or station app. We'd love to hear about all of the different sights for screams.

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