October typically brings out a lot of spooky things. We've told you about how you can eat a cockroach for season passes to a theme park. We've told you about how you can send donuts to a friend. But this one, in my opinion, this is just too much.

Do you remember when Halloween used to bring fun ice cream flavors, like four different kinds of candy swirled in it? Well - times have changed.

Salt & Straw is an ice cream chain on the west coast. They have your regular fall flavors: Peach and Vanilla Bean Crumble, Chocolate Gooey Brownie, etc. They just came out with two new flavors for Halloween. One is made with BLOOD and one is made with INSECTS as part of the chains "Spooktacular Series,."

According to Foodbeast, Salt & Straw will have "Dracula's Blood Pudding," based off of the Italian treat known as sanguinaccio dolce. In this case, pig's blood from Portland's Nicky's USA is mixed into a spiced ice cream to make the creamy dessert.

Credit: Salt n' Straw

The second flavor is Creepy Crawly Critters," and is a collab between the ice cream wizards and Don Bugito, a Bay Area bug treats maker. Their chocolate-covered crickets and mealworms make an appearance in this treat, both of which are incorporated into a matcha ice cream.

Credit: Salt n' Straw

Both pints of ice cream are available for you to purchase on Friday! They ship nationwide.

Would you eat this ice cream? What Halloween (edible) ice cream concoction can you come up with?