Combining sweet and salty isn't a new concept.  It's been done many times before.  However, how about combining a salty, cheesy snack with soda, in the form of a Cheeto?  Yup, last month, Frito-Lay introduced Pepsi flavored Cheetos. 

Should Pepsi flavored Cheetos, which actually fizz in your mouth, sound good to you, I've got some bad news.   Currently they're only available in Japan.  They were unveiled in Japan last month and according to USA TODAY,  will only be available for a limited time.  As of right now, Frito-Lay has no plans to bring these fizzy Cheetos to America.

Mixing flavors is part of a new

international trend called "flavor mashing" which gives companies a world of possible flavors to mash up.  Food scientist Steven Witherly tells USA Today that the mix of flavors appeals to our brains.

The mouth doesn't anticipate the combo, which actually makes it more pleasurable to the brain.  If something looks like a Cheeto but tastes like a Pepsi, it wakes up the brain.

These don't sound the least bit appealing to me.  How about you?  Do you want them here in America?