For those of us who enjoy a nice glass of wine, here's another reason to buy local: Stick to New York State wines, because some California wines have been to discovered to contain radioactive particles from the Fukushima nuclear disaster, which produced a leakage from the nuclear power plant after a 2011 tsunami and earthquake.

The study found trace amounts of cesium-137 in 18 bottles of red wine from unnamed vineyards in California's Napa Valley. The good news is the levels of radiation aren't high enough to cause a health concern.

Since the leak in Japan over seven years ago, the World Health Organization says particles have been detected in other foods and beverages in different parts of the world, due to oceanic and atmospheric conditions, but none of it--including the wines in California--presents a danger for human consumption.

So, bottom line...drink up. But you may as well support the Empire State, including some of the fine wines made at Villa Verona Vineyard in Oneida, Owera Vineyard in Cazenovia, and other wineries in Central New York.


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