We've watched her grow up right in front of our eyes. The little girl from Remsen has become a world champion athlete, a telegenic star spokesperson for Adirondack Bank, and a role model for everyone, regardless of age or gender--and all without losing any of her humility or good-natured charm.

Winter Olympics luge star Erin Hamlin continues to hit the big time, this time in a brand-new venue--the rarified pages of Cosmopolitan magazine.

The latest issue of Cosmo has a piece entitled "13 Things to Know About Erin Hamlin, Team USA's Medal-Winning Luger."

The feature article is filled with warm, compelling photos of Erin and her close-knit family, dogs, cats, and horses. So, it's a cool look at the person behind the athlete and what makes our local hero tick.

Just a few of the tidbits covered in the article: She's a migraine headache sufferer, she plays soccer and practices yoga as part of her training regimen, and she's getting married in July. She and her childhood friend, schoolteacher Jonathan Hodge, reconnected in their 20s and fell in love.

The 31-year-old bronze medal winner will be taking part in her fourth Winter Games next month in South Korea, this time aiming for Olympic gold.

Read all about her in the full article in Cosmopolitan here. And feel free to post your best wishes for her below.


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