Five Important Things To Keep From Him
Honesty 99% of the time is the best policy with relationships. Are you lying if you're just selective about what you share? According to one relationship expert, it's a myth that you should divulge every detail to your partner. Really? Hmm this should be interesting.
Things You Should Do Before Marriage
My sister Heather finally got engaged over the past week. She made a trip to Disney with her bf Jason, and he proposed at the Disney Castle. Romantic right? And if you're like them you’ve probably been getting all sorts of advice since you said "yes," but according to relationship experts …
Gifts Depending On Your Relationship
Not only do we have to worry about what to get our sweetie on Valentine's Day, we have to think about whether it's appropriate for how long we've been a couple. Here are Cosmo's ideas for gifts for different stages of couple-dom:

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