Hawaii has become the first state in the Union to have its statewide average for a gallon of regular gas top $4.  That frightening watermark has also hit San Francisco, although California's statewide average is still in the high $3 range.

The photo you see was taken earlier today (Wednesday March 16) in San Fran.

From the Cars.com Kicking Tires Blog:

The current price for a gallon of gas in Hawaii is $4.001, according to the AAA’s Fuel Gauge Report. Hawaii’s gas is typically the most expensive in the nation because it has to be shipped there on tankers. Even with $4 a gallon, the state’s all-time high remains $4.507, which was reached in July 2008.

California ($3.95) and Alaska ($3.90) have the next highest average prices. The cheapest gas is in the energy-producing states of Montana ($3.29) and Wyoming ($3.268).