Whenever anyone mentions Hawaii, I think of a tropical paradise - coconuts, hot weather, and the ocean. That's not the case right now, though. Parts of Hawaii had to deal with a winter storm warning.


Photo By: Christian Petersen/Getty Images Sport

Snow in Hawaii? Oh yeah, it's happening. The US Severe Weather Network shared a winter weather message from the National Weather Service in Honolulu - stating there was a Winter Storm Warning in effect for parts of the island.

The Winter Storm Warning effected the summits of Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa and called for 10 to 15 inches of snowfall. 10 to 15 inches of snowfall.... in Hawaii!! It just sounds so... weird.

Temperatures were also expected to drop to about 12 degrees. Some roads that lead to the summit of Mauna Kea had to be closed.

Granted, this winter storm warning was for the mountains, but it's still crazy to think about snow in Hawaii. The rest of Hawaii is looking beautiful (like you would expect). Maybe some areas of rain, but temperatures in the 70s.

I'm starting to think Hawaii really is the perfect place - especially for a vacation. Sit on the beach for a few days, then head up to the mountain and go skiing (seeing as we know they get a decent amount of snow, now).