I wasn't old enough to go into discos during the 70s but I have lived the disco era as it spilled into the 80s. As a matter of fact, I still enjoy a good disco party today, and if you do to, don't miss the STUDIO 54 DISCO PARTY at MUNSON WILLIAMS on Friday August 9th. Your $10 ticket includes a walk thru the Andy Warhol exhibit, a complimentary Andy Warhol drink, and a DJ jammin' the disco sounds we've all come to love. There will be a photo booth there as well to create a memory.

To get all the details, I invited Ryan Frable, our Lite 98.7 events gal, to stop into the studio and chat with me about the big party. Listen.

Also, Joe Schmidt from MWPAI stopped by to give us further details. Listen.

I'm ready now...how about you?

Mark Richards and DJ Russell K
Mark Richards TSM


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