Deb Cabral is back with us, with another great tip to help us get organized. This week, she shares some great ways to take care of any old cell phones you may have laying around.

If you're like most people, you haven't gotten rid of your old cell phone once you've upgraded to a new one. The average person has 3 or 4 old cell phones that they don't use anymore just laying around in their home. For some it's an "identity safety" reason - You don't want to sell or give away that phone because there's still personal information on there that you don't want to have stolen. For others (myself included), there's photos, conversations, and other memories you don't want to just get rid of. You plan on getting that information off the older phone(s), but just haven't gotten to it yet.

Luckily for us, Deb Cabral has stopped by with a great way for us to take care of those old phones. In the video (at the top of this page), Deb Cabral explains that you first need to remove all information off the phone. If you're not sure if you've wiped all your data off the phone (or not sure how to do it), you can always to take it to one of the many phone stores around Central New York, and they can help you out. After you're sure all the information has been wiped, Deb Cabral says you have two great options, you can sell your old phone or you can donate it.

If you choose to sell your old phone you can visit sites such as "" or "" They will only accept phones in good condition, but you can make sure your phone qualifies by visiting one (or both) of those sites.

If you would rather donate your old phone, there's great websites, "" or "" both of which support our troops.

So now you know what to do with those old phones so you can get rid of them, and reduce that clutter around your home. You can either make a few bucks on it, or donate it to a fantastic cause. Deb Cabral just reminds us to get all those photos off old phones. We sometimes forget all the great memories we had and beautiful pictures we took, and you definitely want to keep those.

We want to thank Deb Cabral for joining us again with another great tip to help us get organized. You can always get more tips for organizing by following Deb Cabral at: You can also visit: and follow her Facebook Page: @DeborahJCabral
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