As if the end of summer isn't scary enough, a Rome ice cream stand is wrapping up the season with a BOO.

Papa Rick's Snack Shack is wrapping up the 2019 season with a haunted forest this year. The last days to get ice cream and snacks from Rick's are October 13th and 14th. To celebrate, they're hosting a haunted forest in the side yard of the food stand.

The haunted forest will feature "ghosts and goblins" to scare you as you walk through the woods. There is a $2 admission fee, along with great deals on ice cream and food as you help them by eating your way through their remaining ice cream and food inventory. Maybe that part is scarier for our waistlines.

Papa Rick's says the haunted forest will be scary for adults as well as children, so if you have a child who's particular sensitive, you may want to stick with just the ice cream.

The haunted forest will open at 7pm on October 13th and 9pm on October 14th. Papa Rick's Snack Shack is located at 2005 North James Street, Rome.

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