If you are a Time Warner Cable customer being charged extra for faster internet speeds, you may have not been getting what you've been paying for.  That's what the New York State Attorney General says.  Eric Schneiderman is accusing the cable company of delivering slower internet speeds than it's been charging its customers for.

According to the state's AG office, Time Warner Cable is saving money by not replacing the internet equipment unless customers complain.  Therefore, many of us are paying for a much faster speed than we are getting.

The state has now filed a lawsuit against Time Warner.  However, if you are using the company's modems and routers and getting slow speeds, here's a tip published on upstatenewyork.com:  Call the cable company's customer service line at 877-740-8945 and tell them you want them to give you a modern modem and router.  This may get you closer to the speeds you are hoping for.

The other option is to buy and install you own modem and router, and save the $10 monthly lease fee you are now being charged.

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