As the season of ghosts and ghouls is upon us it is important to recognize the events that happen on a daily basis but are often overlooked.

Many intently focus on the urban legends and ghost stories that inundate the Mohawk Valley and surrounding regions. These stories bring history to life as they tell of gruesome or poignant tales that convey a message. They are distant memories brought to life, thoughts that entertain and frighten from a remote perspective.

Phil Nye

However, it's not always so remote nor are the stories quite so distant. Sometimes, they're really close to home. Not every ghost story or paranormal experience takes place in a dark old house.

Even our very own Marcy Studios is the subject of its own ghostly phenomena.

Despite being a fairly recent construction, by paranormal standards, the building was reportedly constructed in the 1970's and used as an office building for a removal company where half of the building was equipment and loading docks and the other half were offices. It was often referred to as the DuRoss Building and remained until it was purchased for conversion to the radio studios. The loading docks were removed, the building gutted and turned into the present Marcy Studios.

Fairly recent and uneventful history if we're looking for ghostly happenings but like many locations, it's not about the site but about the people.




Phil Nye

After a few years, any staff that worked late at night in the building began to notice strange things. The sounds of someone unlocking and opening and closing doors, jingling keys, shuffling papers and even murmured arguments that could be heard late at night.

As we look to explore this phenomena further, witnesses will recount their own experiences and a paranormal investigation will take place with the full results to be unveiled on Halloween.

Stay Tuned...





Haunted Capitol with Josh Gates and Joe Chin

On October 17th we are hosting the 4th annual 'Haunted History' Event at the Rome Capitol Theatre based on the CNY Paranormal series. Meet Syfy Channel's Josh Gates of Destination Truth and Joe Chin of Ghost Hunters International as they tell their exploits and recount the history that could have created the ghosts before leading an investigation of the historic Haunted Capitol Theatre.