There's a town two hours from Utica where your car will travel backwards UP a hill--even when it's in neutral.

Here's a spooky trick that will amaze the kids during this very COVID-19 Halloween, and it's only a short road trip away. Middlesex is located near Canandaigua, just southeast of Rochester. That's where you'll find this peculiar "gravity hill," where you can put your car into reverse and watch as it appears to move uphill.

Here's a YouTube video from My FingerLakes NY, showing the phenomenon:

The folks from My FinglerLakes NY claim that "legend has it that...Native American spirits (whose bodies are buried near by) will push your car back up the hill."

A gravity hill is a type of topography, according to WIkipedia, that is "also known as a magnetic hillmystery hillmystery spotgravity road, or anti-gravity hill, a place where the layout of the surrounding land produces a bizarre optical illusion, making a slight downhill slope appear to be an uphill slope."

To find the gravity hill near Canandagua, look for the intersection of Newell Road and Spike Road in Middlesex. There are also other New York State gravity roads, located in Portville (in the Southern Tier, near Olean) and Suffern, which is close to the New York-New Jersey border line.

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