It's been tough on all frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can help make a huge difference for at least one of them with the Venmo Challenge here in the Utica-Rome area.

Maybe you've heard about the Venmo Challenge. It started on Reddit, and has really taken off on TikTok. It goes like this: you make a donation - any amount is great - and when we reach $500, we'll head out to eat (we'll pay for our own meal) and that $500 will become the tip for whoever the server is that day.

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Hopefully, that $500 will help that person pay off some bills and get caught up, since so many restaurants were closed for so long - and even now, business isn't quite back where it was before.

So far, we've already $188.52 of our $500 goal. If you want to donate, just send your donation via Venmo to @Elizabeth-Coombs-1 or scan the QR code below. So far, we've gotten donations from $1.39 to $25 - any amount is great.

Credit: Venmo
Credit: Venmo

When we finally do reach our goal, we'll record the whole thing for you. Here's just one example of how this works. (If we raise more than our $500 goal - we'll do this again.)

When you make a donation - suggest a restaurant we should go to in Central New York, too.


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