For the past month, we've been collecting donations, so we could pay 'em forward to a restaurant server in our Venmo Challenge.

First of all, thanks to everyone who zipped us some cash, so we could reach the $500 level. And thanks to the folks at The Bank of Utica for helping us get the word out about this great event. Our big dinner occurred at Cafe Canole in New Hartford. Our Lite 98.7 midday host Kaylin joined us. Our waiter was Jason. Here's the video capturing the magic moment:

It couldn't have happened to a more deserving server. Every time we've gone to Cafe Canole, we watch Jason's professional, polite and perky demeanor. It comes naturally.

As you can see, his reaction was genuine. And his co-workers all agreed: Jason deserved it.

As for Cafe Canole, their website calls it this way:

Central New York's first choice in fresh premium pastries, cakes and mouth-watering desserts. Our unique assortment of handmade creations includes everything from over-the-counter satisfying treats to trayed or boxed pre-ordered assortments as well as birthday and specialty cakes for every occasion.

By the way, their food IS delicious. And we hope to do more of these Venmo Challenges, as we honor the great and often underappreciated restaurant workers of CNY.

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