In case you had any doubt that One Direction were a bona fide pop phenomenon, their inescapable hit ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ is featured in Tuesday’s episode of ‘Glee.’

The New Directions cover One Direction in the prom episode, entitled ‘Prom-A-Saurus.’ 1D member (and Demi Lovato‘s favorite) Niall Horan was particularly over the moon about the feature. “To have a song in ‘Glee’ is just fantastic,” Horan told DigitalSpy. “We’re all big fans of the show and are so excited they chose ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ for an episode.”

The ‘Glee’ cover is beyond loyal to the original to the point of being near-karaoke. Chord Overstreet takes over Harry Styles’ solos and heartthrob status, with his classmates grabbing at his flawless blond shag as he sings and makes his way through the crowd.

Will Scheuster (played by Matthew Morrison) was originally slated to perform the track, but instead he’s dancing with his lady to it in the audience. Morrison may have inadvertently thrown some shady comments at the U.K. sensations when the cover was first announced. “I’ve just heard of them, they’re really taking over the States,” Morrison told The Sun in March. “They’ve made it now though, they’re on ‘Glee!’ This will probably help their record sales too.”

And, you know, your ratings.

The ‘Glee’ ‘Prom-A-Saurus’ episode airs this Tuesday, May 8, at 8PM ET on FOX.

Watch the New Directions Perform ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ on ‘Glee’