Damian McGinty, one of the winners of the inaugural reality competition show ‘The Glee Project,’ where he earned a guest role on ‘Glee,’ spilled a couple of details about the actual show, which returns to Tuesday nights next week (April 10).

As for his ‘Glee’ proper character Rory, he told Wet Paint,”We are coming into the home stretch I think, it starts back April 10th and there is [sic] 8 episodes in a row remaining. It’s building up a lot towards the whole graduating thing and where is the show going for next year. Honestly for me at the moment, for a lot of us on set myself, Chord Overstreet (Sam), Samuel Larsen, you know all the guest stars, Grant Gustin (Sebastian), we’re a bit in limbo because we really… There’s ideas being thrown about as to what the show is going to be next year but there’s nothing concrete I don’t think.”

The “limbo” status is making cast members a bit nervous, too. “We don’t know what’s going on so we know as much as everybody else sometimes to be honest,” McGinty said. “So it’s a little bit in limbo but we’re working hard, we’re filming Nationals in two weeks time and there’s a lot of great story lines coming up. We just did a number, we were filming prom this week and we did a really, really cool number that I’m very excited for!”

And that number is One! As in One Direction, who are taking the U.S. by storm. “There were five guys, we did a One Direction song the five of us! So it was like a ‘Glee’ boy band, it was awesome,” he said.


In conjunction with the second season of the ‘Project,’ McGinty revealed that Lea Michele will be on the season premiere later this summer, along with other series A-listers popping by as guests. So Rachel Berry will be in the hizzy!

Since McGinty has been there, done that, he shared some advice for the new crop of hopefuls. ”What I will say to them is… If you had to watch, last season was interesting because the end showed that the people who were themselves the entire way through ended up benefiting the most from the show,” he shared. “You know you have to go into ‘Glee Project’ believing in yourself, being able to take criticism but build yourself back up again, be a performer and be willing to learn and be yourself and believe. There’s three things: learn, be yourself and believe.”