Hey, Gleeks! 'Glee' returns to your TV screens on Thursday (April 11) with an all-new episode, titled 'Shooting Stars.'

Ryan Murphy is saying this ep will be one of the most emotional of the series, so you don't want to miss it.

In the teaser, which you can watch below, Brittany S. Pierce, cheerleader as well as the Astronomy Club president, enlists the New Directions' help in expressing her love for Lord Tubbington, the cat. It's silly and adorbs. That's where 'More Than Words' comes in!

Additionally, more plot details have been leaked. As New Directions prep for regionals, they deal with Brittany's prediction that an asteroid is headed towards earth, intent on destroying the planet. Gasp!

To ease everyone's minds, Mr. Shuester has his pupils consider what their last days would be like -- we know, morbid! -- and assigns a theme of 'Last Chance' to the New Directions.

What is being described as an "unthinkable" event is also said to take place at McKinley High, with no NYC scenes featuring Rachel or Kurt this week.

Also, it's said that Ryder sings 'Your Song' to the online girlfriend he's yet to meet.

There ya have it. Tune in at 9PM ET on Fox.

'Glee' 'Shooting Stars' Songs - Full Episode List
-'Say,' New Directions (John Mayer)
-'More Than Words,' New Directions (Extreme)
-'Your Song,' Ryder (Elton John)

Watch the 'Glee' Teaser for 'Shooting Star'