Have you ever paid attention to the fall foliage on a cloudy, some-what rainy day? Have you ever seen all the colors 'glow' in this kind of setting?

We're not talking about the fall leaves being SO bright, they look like they are on fire when the sunlight hits them. This is quite a different look. It's like there is a dull glow coming from the trees - Like they're giving off a little bit of light on an otherwise, cloudy, misty day. Have you ever seen this before:

Naomi Lynn/TSM

Pictures don't do this justice, we know. And it's hard to explain, if you haven't noticed it before. You can see the difference between the glowing of the trees and the dark areas (toward the bottom of the picture) in this one:

Naomi Lynn/TSM

Again, we know the pictures are NOT doing this justice, but have you seen this before? Do you know why it happens? Is it just some light getting through the clouds? Or is there more to this?

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