Looking for some spooky fun before Halloween? Maybe check out one of these haunted locations in New York, with most of them being in or near Central New York.

The furthest spooky place on this list is about two-and-a-half hours away from the Utica and Rome area, but we'll get to that one in a little bit. We're going to start this list with a destination right in Utica...

1. Hotel Utica

Hotel Utica opened up back in 1912 and saw many celebrities and political figures over the years. With all the fancy parties, all the guests who passed through the doors - It wouldn't be surprising if some of the guests never left (or decided to come back after they passed). The most common report about a "haunting" at Hotel Utica is "Tuxedo Man." He's been known to frequent the Lamplighter Pub inside the hotel, and some reports claim he moves objects and sometimes breaks bottles.
Even some employees of Hotel Utica have claimed they noticed a few "odd" things - Like the sound of parties coming from the ballroom (which would be empty at the time), or hearing knocking sounds or footsteps coming from an empty hallway. A few reports claim an "uneasy" feeling in the stairwells.

2. Fort Ontario

This haunted building will take a little bit of a drive, but it's worth it if you want to hear all the accounts of "spooky sightings" that have happened here (and possibly see them for yourself). Fort Ontario, overlooking Lake Ontario in Oswego was built back in 1755. The fort was destroyed three times, but that didn't stop them from rebuilding. According to Only In Your State,

...Those who work at the fort and museum will tell you that that experience unusual and paranormal activity on a regular basis, day or night. Many of the restless spirits that are supposedly haunting the fort not only come from the battles that were fought here, but also from the time during the mid 1940s that the fort was used as a place to house victims of the Holocaust!


3. Landmark Theatre

If you want to get really scared, you'll want to head to the Landmark Theatre in Syracuse. There are claims that the theatre is haunted by a woman named "Claire" or "Clarissa." Two different legends claim that the woman committed suicide by throwing herself over the balcony (one claims it was because she auditioned for an important part in a show and didn't get it. The other claims she saw her husband get electrocuted while working on the stage).
You'll know when "Claire" (or Clarissa) is around because you'll all of a sudden smell lilacs. People have reported seeing the spirit in person, seeing strange lights, or hearing weird things that just don't add up.

4. Spook Hill

The name says it all, right?! Well, not quite. This is a really, REALLY interesting and spooky place. Spook Hill is on Newell Road in Middlesex. At a special point in the road, you can put your car in neutral and your car will roll backwards... Uphill. Some claim it's just an illusion, while others claim it's spirits. You can see it happening for yourself in the video below. And if you still don't believe it, you can head over to Newell Road and experience it for yourself.

5. Herkimer's Historic Crossroads

Two huge murder cases are tied to the buildings surrounding Herkimer's Historic Crossroads. In 1884, Roxalana Druce murdered her husband, was arrested and held at Herkimer County Jail. Her trial at the Herkimer County Courthouse found her guilty and she was hanged. Chester Gillette was also on trial for murder at the Herkimer County Courthouse. He was also found guilty and sentenced to death by the electric chair. Both of these cases made national headlines, and is believed to play a part in the paranormal activity that happens in this area. BUT... That's just some of the interesting history that surrounds the Historic Crossroads. This is something you have to experience for yourself.

You can also read more on the "Haunted History" surrounding Herkimer's Historic Crossroads here.

BONUS: Another haunted location in New York (a little further away than what we've mentioned above, but if you're up for a real adventure - It's worth the drive). There is a haunted hotel in Napanoch that makes you sign a waiver before you can even stay the night! You can read about it at the link below:



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