Meet Mary Jane Tottey - A heart survivor and a member of the 2016 American Heart Association's 'Go Red Survivor Class.'

Cardiovascular disease and stroke issues have been a part of Mary Jane's life for quite some time. When she was just 10-years-old, she found her mother on the floor - She had suffered a heart attack. When her mom was 58, she suffered from a massive stroke.

When Mary Jane turned 58, she had a 'feeling,' an urge to go to the doctor. And that's what she did. She asked her doctor for a stress test - which she never had before, so she wasn't sure what to expect.

Halfway through her stress test, they stopped it and called in the cardiologist. She had tests done immediately, and they found a significant blockage. She was able to have an angioplasty done that day.

Mary Jane explains why she is a member of the American Heart Association's "Go Red Survivor Class" in the video above. If you would like to honor her as a local survivor, you can donate here.

The "Go Red for Women Luncheon" is a week away! (Wednesday, May 4th) For the last few weeks, we have been spotlighting local survivors as we get ready for this great event. It's not too late to get your tickets, or be a part of the luncheon. You can get more details at the link below:

You can also check out all the members of the American Heart Association's "Go Red Survivor Class" by clicking the button below:



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