If any farmer is looking for resources for producing and marketing livestock, you now have an easy place to access all that information.

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Cornell Cooperative Extension is proud to announce the release of their new Livestock Resource Website, created by their CCE Livestock Program Work Team. The goal is to have the website be a go-to place for all agriculture workshops, trainings, and webinar recordings.

The CCE Livestock Program Work Team saw a need for producers and farmers in New York to have a central and trustworthy location for all things livestock. That need inspired the creation of the website.

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What's great about the website is how it's divided into themes to make is easier to navigate. Livestock producer's can readily find information on multiple topics like breeding, reproduction, health, nutrition and marketing.

Dana M. Havas, an Ag Team Leader from CCE Cortland, says the website is a perfect hub for experts across the state to share all their information in one place.

It is exciting to have extension livestock experts from all over the state working together to develop a robust and valuable collection of resources for our communities.

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The CCE Livestock Program Work Team consists of a variety of educators working with experts across the nation to help further the success of livestock farmers in New York State.

Visit the new CCE Livestock Resource Website today and see for yourself the future of livestock in New York State.

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