I've been using Google Earth for years. I'm totally fascinated with checking out close up views of places that I've visited.Even if you're not a fan of flying, there's no fear in soaring to the destination of your choice virtually right? When it comes to using this genius software, your options are limitless. Do you want to visit Paris, Italy, Australia, or Disney World at the fraction of the cost? Google Earth allows you the freedom to virtually vacation anywhere and everywhere your heart desires. Lately I've been flying to warm and tropical places to at least metaphorically escape the harsh central New York winter.

Google Earth released a Pro version of its software a while back. The price tag was kind of steep. It used to cost consumers nearly $400! I was hoping to get the pro version for Christmas but Santa disappointed. I was shocked to learn today that this awesome software is now free!

When I learned that I could get this software completely free of charge, naturally I was a bit skeptical. I was even more wary after I logged in and it said "free trial." I said to myself: "Grrr..I knew there had to be a catch."

But I was delighted to learn that the sign up is no longer mandatory for Google Earth Pro. All I had to do was download the installer and sign in using my email. There's also a promo code you need: GEPFREE. Now if you want additional bells and whistles added to your software that will cost you a little extra. However, the standard pro version will probably suffice.

To get the free version click HERE.