As part of his proposed New York State budget, Governor Cuomo is proposing important safety measures for school buses.

No matter where you stand politically - and let's face it, Governor Cuomo isn't super popular in Central New York - I think we can all get behind a proposal that means kids will be safer on school buses, and while they're getting on and off.

Cuomo proposed two measures: one would require children to wear seatbelts on school buses, and the other would allow school districts to install cameras on the stop arms of school buses and increase the fine for passing a stopped school bus. RIght now, the Governor's office estimates that buses are passed illegally (by IDIOTS) 150,000 times a year in NY.

Under this proposal, a camera would now record the vehicle and license plate of any driver reckless enough to pass a stopped school bus with its lights on and stop arm extended. 

Let me propose we take it a step further - if you're caught passing a stopped school bus, in addition to fines, you should also be forced to perform community service as a school crossing guard wearing a sign that says "I'm an idiot who passed a stopped school bus."

What do you think about the Governor's proposal? Have you seen people passing school buses? 

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