The great pic of the eagle flying off with its Oneida Lake trophy catch that we featured in a post here recently wasn't the only fantastic nature shot of the week in Central New York. The spring of 2018 is apparently yielding lots of great nature photo opps.

Tom Starr, the former radio personality and program director of our recently purchased sister station WOUR - The Rock of Central New York and also The Drive in Utica, has some impressive photographic skills. He used a Canon EOS SL1 camera to grab this great freeze-frame on his property in Remsen of a hungry, motivated and athletic squirrel in flight toward its targeted bird-feeder:

Credit: Tom Starr
Credit: Tom Starr

The back story of the picture is that the squirrel actually launched itself from a composting bin that Starr cropped out of the shot in the lower left-hand corner. Still...some remarkable jumping ability on the little guy.

We wonder if the extra-cold temperatures this spring have limited the food options and hampered the foraging efforts of our local wildlife, forcing them to adopt more extreme measures to procure meals.

Are you seeing examples of bold animals near your property this spring? Feel free to pass along the pics and/or stories.


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