There's a lot of pressure on men to be strong and macho at all times, but in their quiet moments, most men will ease up on the chest thumping. Most men have some guilty pleasures that they won't admit to. Here's a rundown of some of those guilty pleasures:

  • Cooking

    There's nothing wrong with stepping into the kitchen and making a meal for yourself. Cooking is actually pretty relaxing and great. Baking muffins is a little less manly, but always a blast!

  • Enjoying Female Recording Artists

    Just because you enjoy a little Alanis Morisette once in a while doesn't mean you got bad taste! Good music is good music.

  • Dancing

    Back in high school I use to bust a move. Here’s the proof in an old web based tv show I produced. Also know, I can't dance, and the video stinks!

  • Jewelry

    The thing about jewelry for men is that it needs to be manly. In other words, men need to stay away from sapphire-studded ankle bracelets. Also men don’t need to buy it, they can rent it!

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