Leaf through the 2015 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records and you'll find a photo of Syracuse resident Byron Schlenker and his 8.3 centimeter tongue, the widest in the world.

Schlenker told the Syracuse Post-Standard that after confirming the record,

Guinness sent out a photographer to Syracuse.

"They had me licking ice cream cones and they lined up Tic Tacs across my tongue," Schlenker said. "I had to stick out my tongue for three hours. It's a muscle like anything else, and can get bigger. If I measure, my tongue now, it's about 8.6 cm."

By the way, 14 Tic Tacs fit across his tongue, horizontally, in a straight line.

The Onondaga Free Library is planning a book signing and Schlenker will be traveling to Rome, Italy for a Guinness TV special.


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