Felix Rodriguez recently received a new set of front teeth, and he bravely dares to try them out by indulging in foods that put his choppers at risk.

There are so many delicious food options at the Great New York Fair in Syracuse, but if you had just received a new set of front teeth, would you consider taking a bite out of a caramel apple or corn on the cob?

We're not sure Felix Rodriguez's feet was as risky as attempting something out of the Joey Chitwood Thrill Show, but watching him chomp down on foods that could potentially harm his new smile makes us cringe....but it also makes us very hungry.

Have you been to the Fair this year? If so, what are some of the foods that you recommend we try? Feel free to post them on our Facebook Page, or give us a call at 721-0987.

P.S.: Matt liked the Bacon Bomb so much that he actually bought 3. He ate 1 at the Fair, and took 2 home to freeze.

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