The Great New York State Fair is coming to Syracuse, and what would the Fair be with out fair food? Introducing a deep fried turkey sandwich known as the "Harvester."

Are you ready to indulge in a 2 pound sandwich pilgrim? Maybe we should rephrase that question because the sandwich weighs 2 pounds WITHOUT the gravy. We'd probably feel too guilty to eat the Harvester if we discovered it weighed anymore than that anyway.

According to WKTV:

The Harvester is essentially a deep-fried Thanksgiving dinner sandwich - with turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cheese, bacon and cranberry sauce between two slices of butter-drenched sourdough bread.

Now we have a new idea for the day after Turkey Day this November. Say goodbye to the traditional Thanksgiving leftovers. Whoever makes this crazy sandwich will be the hero of your home.

We already told you about the "Big Kahuna Donut Dog," at the Great New York State Fair, now we have another reason to venture to Syracuse this August; not to mention the incredible concert lineup inside the Chevy Court.


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