One of my FAVORITE parts of the holiday season is staying home all weekend with mugs full of tea or hot chocolate, cuddled up on my couch with Peaches, with my television playing the Hallmark Channel for hours on end. (Anything with Candice Cameron Bure, Lori Laughlin or Lacey Chabert are in, hands down my favorites.)

We all have that dream - "I wish my life was like a Hallmark movie." Well, that dream could become a reality. Hallmark is searching for extras for a new Christmas movie they're shooting.

Synthetic Cinema currently has an open call for background roles in a "Christmas romantic drama" that will air on the network, according to The Day. The publication spoke to the film's producer, Andrew Gernhard, who said that he's not allowed to give away many details about the project, including the cast list.

HOWEVER, the website does note that Gernhard produced Lifetime's A Very Nutty Christmas, with Melissa Joan Hart, which means you could be in the movie side by side with someone you love watching in the movies. I love Melissa Joan Hart too.

Although it currently says on their website that all the slots are full - you can sign up to receive notifications about opportunities for this movie as well as other movies they plan on shooting. Just sign up on the website. No experience is required!

Simply go to the Synthetic Cinema website to create an account. (To see this particular listing, check out the link here after you sign in.) You'll be asked a variety of questions, including your height, age and to upload a photo of yourself. After you've registered, you can "book a shoot day" to be considered for a spot.

The movie shoot is in Connecticut, but if you ask me, the travel to get there an do this would be totally worth it. What do you think?

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