If you're one of those people who takes Halloween to the limit and really gets into character with decorative contact lenses, beware. They actually will cause more damage than good.

According to Health News Digest, Doctors are warning that these lenses can actually cause irreparable damage to your eyeball. While looking like a freaky red-eyed vampire might be fun for a couple hours, scratching your eye or getting a nasty infection is definitely not fun.

“Contact lenses should not just be considered an accessory to a Halloween costume” says Dr. Sandy T. Feldman of ClearView Eye & Laser Medical Center. The doctor states that “even purely cosmetic contact lenses need to be fit for the individual’s unique eye dimensions. Wearing poorly fitting lenses for as little as a number of hours may result in irreparable harm to the eye Treat your eyes to the care they deserve this Halloween.”

You may win the award for going the extra mile with your costume, but is the cost of vision worth it?